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Mission and Funding Policy


Red Meat Research and Development SA (RMRD SA) is an umbrella organisation with the mandate of research and development under the auspices of the Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF). 

RMRD SA's research mission is to:

Ensure that the South African PORK and Large and Small Stock Industries have the technology and knowledge to deliver products, in a profitable and sustainable manner using cutting-edge scientific advancements to maintain their global competitiveness.  


The policy of the RMRD SA is to finance projects executed by recognised research institutions, dealing with agricultural research. Such institutions include the Department of Agriculture, Provincial Departments of Agriculture, Institutes of the Agricultural Research Council, all Universities and Agricultural Colleges.

Funding for research and development is made available from the RMRDT and RMLA. In the case of funds provided by the RMRDT, the policy is to maintain the proportion of the initial capital from the various species’ when allocating finance to projects.

Funding proportion applied:

  • Beef                                    65.67%
  • Small-stock                        15.28%
  • Pork                                     9.02%
  • Hides, Skins and Leather   10.03%

In cases where a project is directed at more than one “species”, the funds for the project are allocated proportionally from the funds of the “species” concerned. In the event of shortage of funds from a particular “species fund” to fully fund such a project, the Planning Committees can decide whether they would fund more than their agreed portion for a particular project.

Last updated 2019