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Red Meat Research & Development SA

THIS website is the primary source of information for researchers interested in applying for research funding from Red Meat Research and Development (RMRD SA).


Furthermore it is a valuable source of information for researchers and others about research done in the red meat industry in South Africa. During the current year we have improved and upgraded our application system, researchers register and apply online, a far more secure and accurate system. 


Ensure that the South African PORK and Large and Small Stock Industries have the technology and knowledge to deliver products, in a profitable and sustainable manner using cutting-edge scientific advancements to maintain their global competitiveness.  

Research proposals and protocols are evaluated and by either of the two planning committees, Cattle and Small Stock or Pork. 

Red Meat Research and Development South Africa Cattle and Small Stock

Red Meat Research and Development South Africa Pork


The RMRD SA planning committees in turn recommends projects for funding to the Project Committee who gives the final go-ahead for funding. The process of approval may take up to 4 months if all runs smoothly. In some cases this may take longer depending on whether changes are requested to the proposal.

All the committees are compiled from representatives of the relevant industries and from researchers nominated representing the recognized research institutions and universities. Subject Working Groups (SWGs) one per Research Focus Area, support the Planning committees in decision making and evaluation all through the lifetime of a project. The SWGs consists of specialists in their own respective field who are best qualified to perform this important task. 
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DID YOU KNOW? More about other Red Meat Research 

Dr Meissner compiled a list of red meat research projects not funded by the RMRDSA. Click the picture below to obtain the list!

Handleidings vir die boere - Vra vir Faffa


CSS PLANNING committee
23 August 2018
11 Sept 2018
PROJECT committee
10 Oct 2018

Click on the picture to go to the executive summaries for completed projects!

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Cattle & Small Stock Focus Areas