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Meat Symposiums

The 10th Meat Symposium was held 3 & 4 August 1999 at the ARC Pretoria

TITLE: Meat Quality Chain - Consumer to Producer

While the meat quality chain normally runs from the producer through the abattoir to the consumer, the title of this symposium brings tribute to the consumer who in the end is at the pinnacle of our drive to ensure meat quality. The pleasure that the consumer derives from consuming a prime protein product such as meat, is determined by the breeding programme, the nutritional aspects at producer or feedlot level, the pre- and post slaughter activities at the abattoir and the handling of the carcass and cuts through the retailer to the consumer.

Foreword by Prof Piet J Jooste

Papers delivered at the symposium were:

  • What the South Africa consumer wants in terms of meat quality - SCHöNFELDT, H.C. 
  • International markets for meat: A medium term perspective - BROOKS, O. 
  • New market initiatives in the USA - HALL, L. 
  • Abattoir requirements - JONES, R. 
  • The current situation in South African abattoirs: Safety and shelf-life - DE JESUS, A.
  • The abattoir’s view of the material received from the producer - NEETHLING, G 
  • Economics, future trends - JANOVSKY, E
  • Tenderness, colour and eating quality - MILLER, R.
  • Effect of genetics on pork quality - GEE, D. 
  • The effects of nutrition on meat quality in pigs - VARLEY, M. 
  • Effects of genetics on beef quality - MILLER, R. 
  • Effects of nutrition on beef meat quality - CARSTENS, G. 
  • Management on farm and at the feedlot - HENNING, G. 
  • Livestock handling: farm, feedlot and abattoir - COETZEE, P.

Proceedings for the Symposium

Download the proceedings Part 1

Download the proceedings Part 2

Download the proceedings Part 3

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