Research Structure


The new levy application was approved on 6 November 2021, and the RMRD SA wishes to express sincere gratitude to the Red Meat Industry for their vote of confidence and the trust in our world-class researchers at Research Institutions across the country.

Since the 1930’s, the organised Red Meat Industry in South Africa contributed financially to Research and Development. Through the ensuing years the Meat Board and various individual organisations like cattle breeders’ associations and Red Meat Research and Development Trust of South Africa (RMRDT) funded research. The funds available for research and development are derived from the interest of the trust fund i.e., the RMRDT. Funding for research is generated from interest on the trust investment and accruals.

In 2006 the Red Meat Industry Forum (RMIF) applied for the establishment of levies on slaughter stock and their products, and livestock. This forms the second stream of funds for research of which a portion is allocated for research and channelled via the RMRD SA. The two streams of funds are supplemented by THRIP funding provided by the National Research Foundation (NRF). THRIP funding leads to a substantial increase in funds available to research.


The RMRD SA administrator receives applications for funding and through a process of selection by the various committees (see accompanying structure diagram), recommends projects for either Levy funding or funding by RMRDT.

The RMRDT’s policy is to maintain the proportion of the initial capital from the various species when financing projects for the various sectors, as follows:

  • Beef
  • Small-stock
  • Pork
  • Hides, Skins and Leather

Who qualifies?

The red meat industry has a policy to finance projects executed by recognised research institutions dealing with agricultural research. Such institutions include the National or Provincial Departments of Agriculture, Institutes of the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) as well as Universities and Agricultural Colleges.

Funding from the RMRD SA supports operational costs and research concerned with red meat production processes and products. The institutes themselves provide matching funds indirectly through the provision of salaries, infrastructure and equipment.

To apply for funding and to understand how the process works, read the Funding section.