Research is focused on the furtherance, accumulation and improvement of knowledge in the livestock and related sciences through original and other investigations and methods of a scientific nature with the advancement of livestock production as the objective.

Development (innovation) in the red meat industry is the implementation of technology and innovation that draws on acquired knowledge gained from research, practical experience, and additional knowledge. The attributes to producing new or improving existing practices and processes translating them into a plan or design for new products or practices.

Technology transfer refers to the transfer of knowledge and techniques and processes for the application thereof.

What are research and development?

  • Research and Development (R & D) comprise of creative and systematic work undertaken to increase knowledge – and to devise new applications of available knowledge;
  • R & D activities aimed at achieving either specific or general objectives;
  • R & D activities must always be aimed at new findings, based on original concepts or hypotheses;
  • It is planned research or critical investigation aimed at the discovery of new knowledge with the hope that such knowledge will be useful in developing a new product or a new process or technique or in bringing about a significant improvement to an existing process or product.