Literature Studies


1 Cryptosporidiosis in neonatal ruminants in South Africa M.C. Marufu
2 Listeriosis E Moholisa



1 Electro-ejaculation in ruminant livestock: A welfare issue L. Kruger
2 The necessity of nutrient data on processed meat in African diets B. Pretorius
3 Carcass Weights P.E. Strydom & M. Hope-Jones
4 Unintended consequences of selection for increased production on the health and welfare of livestock E. van Marle-Köster & C. Visser
5 The export of live animals BFAP



1 Balanoposthitis in small ruminants H. Lambrechts
2 Outbreak of wet carcass syndrome in the Northern Cape M.M. Scholtz



1 The effect of VAT zero-rating, of meat products, on consumption of Red Meat in South Africa BFAP
2 Animal welfare aspects of the use of electro- immobilisation in livestock M. Grobler
3 Database on research related to the Red Meat Industry but not funded by RMRD SA H. Meissner
4 Fat-related preferences of South African consumers H. Vermeulen
Consideration of Inclusion of Red Meat as Zero-rated Food Item
Fat lit review 11 May 2018
Fat lit review popular article – 8 May 2018 (Final)
Terms of Reference – VAT Zero Rating Panel
Zero-rating of Meat in South Africa – May 2018



1 Peptides (Peptones) and iron absorption B. Pretorius



1 Possible outcomes for livestock estimations in South Africa H.N. van Niekerk



1 Does short duration grazing work in grasslands? H-J. Hawkins
2 The effect of weather patterns on growth of beef calves in warmer parts of South Africa L. Pienaar & M.M. Scholtz
3 Twinning in beef cattle production systems L. Pienaar & M.M. Scholtz



1 Prospects for breeding sheep resistant to wire worm (Haemonchus contortus) M.A. Snyman



1 An investigation into the socio-economic and environmental status and challenges of livestock agriculture in South Africa H. Meissner
2 The role of genomics for the improvement of dairy and beef cattle E. van Marle-Köster & C. Visser



1 Brine injection of Pork A. Hugo
2 Brine injection of Red Meat A. Hugo
3 Research conducted in fresh meat science in an African context L.C. Hoffman
4 Some aspects involved in meat quality P.E. Strydom
5 Pathogen survival in the products obtained after anaerobic digestion, alkaline hydrolysis (low pressure – as used in the RSA) and composting I. Franke-Whittle



1 Reducing enteric methane emissions from beef cattle C.J.L du Toit
2 MIitigation of heat stress in beef cattle through supplementary feeding strategies: A Review K-J Leeuw
3 A Review on Essential Oils as a Natural Alternative to Ionophores in Ruminant Diets E.F. Haasbroek & L.J. Erasmus
4 Nutrient composition and sensory quality attributes of goat meat obtained from South African Indigenous Goats J.M. Boikhutso
5 Nutrient content of offal-containing sausages and polonies M.M. Magoro
6 Breeding objective to reduce enteric methane production from beef cattle: A Review M.M. Scholtz
7 Pig Leanness, Insulin Like Growth Factor 2 (IGF2) gene status of pigs in South Africa P. Soma
8 An investigation into the quality related principles of the South African Classification System in relation to Grading and Classification Systems of the World P.E. Strydom
9 Quality related principles of the South African beef classification system in relation to grading and classification systems of the world P.E. Strydom
10 Determining the heme iron content of South African Meats and meat products to increase data on iron bio-availability H.C. Schönfeldt
11 Red meat traceability systems H Vermeulen