Agreement Phase

When a PROJECT PROPOSAL has been successful and has been accepted at a Planning Committee meeting, you/the researcher will be notified of his/her success in writing as soon as the minutes are approved by the Chairman, within two weeks of the meeting.


A contract is drawn up by the RMRD SA. The Agreement is entered into by the RMRD SA and RMRDT Project Committee and the Research Institute where the researcher is performing his/her research. The Agreement has to be drawn up and the wording agreed between both parties. Then the contract has to be signed by both parties. Only once all the conditions have been met, will the funds be released to the relevant Research Institution.

Please be aware that it could take some time due to the many parties involved.


The first year’s funds will be released into the bank account of the Research Institute. Then it will be made available to the researcher to conduct his research project.

The subsequent years’ funding will only be released when an annual progress report was submitted and approved by the Planning Committee. In the third and final year of the project, 80% of the approved research funds are released in the beginning of the year. The final 20% is released after the Final Progress Report and other requirements have been met.