Active Project

Active Project Phase

Progress reports

Researchers need to submit an annual progress report for each ACTIVE project. The Planning Committee will review and evaluate the progress. A Progress Report needs to be completed at the end of Year 1 and Year 2. At the end of the 3rd or final year a final report, comprehensive report and popular article must be submitted.

The relevant form can be printed from the Forms and documents section. A set of guidelines on how to complete the forms is also available.


The subsequent years’ funding, i.e., the 2nd or the 3rd year, will only be released once a progress report was submitted. In the third and/or final year of the project 80% of the approved research funds are released in the beginning of the year.

Request for an extension

If the researcher is unable to submit a full progress or final report, the researcher could request for an extension in writing by completing the requested form signed by the HOD together with an interim progress report, reporting on your progress to date, and a letter of motivation.

The relevant form can be printed from the Forms and documents section.

Evaluation and monitoring of R & D projects

The Planning Committees have developed procedures according to which proposals for research projects, progress reports, final reports and popular articles for publication are judged. These procedures are adapted when needed but are considered efficient.

Focus Areas and Components are not prioritized and only Outcomes within Focus Areas is prioritized as:

  • A – Critical
  • B – Essential
  • C – Important
  • D – Valuable


Projects on Outcomes of all priority categories can be funded, but the chances that A prioritized project proposals will be funded are higher than those prioritized as B, C or D.