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Use of Funds


Generally, project funds can be divided into personnel costs, overhead costs and operational costs. Only in exceptional circumstances will the RMRDT or RMLA fund 100% of such costs of a project. The approach is that projects are supported but it is expected from the research institution to be suitably equipped with the appropriate personnel and equipment. Part of the operational costs of a project will be funded, e.g. costs of experimental animals, feed, laboratory consumables, computer software, etc.

Funding is also provided for technology transfer opportunities focusing on the project, e. g. workshops, seminars, popular articles and publications.

Funding of capital equipment and the establishing of demonstration units are normally not considered. Such requirements should nevertheless be stated in the budget submission of the projects.

No overhead costs will be funded and personnel costs will only be considered when project based contract appointments are required to execute the project. This must be clearly stated in the budget and must be indicated as a separate cost item and not included in the salaries. If scientific expertise is required from outside the institution (local or abroad) for specific aspects of the project and it has financial implications, such expenses will also be considered for funding on condition it is stated as such in the protocol.

Attendance of national and international Congresses, Conferences, Symposia, etc will not be funded unless the purpose of attendance is to present the findings of a funded project at a scientific gathering. Such funding will be limited to one person and one event and will be within reasonable amounts.

The funding of routine operations in functional service laboratories (e.g. Diagnostic Laboratories) and schemes (e. g. Livestock Improvement Schemes and Range and Forage Units) is generally not considered.