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Monitoring of R&D


Evaluation and monitoring of R & D projects

The Planning Committees have through the years developed procedures according to which proposals and protocols for research projects, progress reports, final reports and popular articles for publication are judged. These procedures are adapted when needed but are considered efficient.

Focus Areas and Components are not prioritized and only Outcomes within Focus Areas is prioritized as:

  • A – Critical
  • B – Essential
  • C – Important
  • D – Valuable


Projects on Outcomes of all priority categories can be funded, but the chances that A prioritized project proposals will be funded are higher than those prioritized as B, C or D.

Dissemination of research and development results

During the course of a project, it generally occurs that the research personnel take part in information days, present posters or papers at symposia and even publish technical or scientific articles.

These must all be mentioned in the progress and final reports to the Planning Committees. Copies of published material are also submitted to the Committees at their regular meetings for the attention of the representatives of the various role-players’ associations

The submission of a popular article together with a final report of a project has been made compulsory. Both these are evaluated to form an opinion of the final report and the value of the project to the particular sector of the Red Meat Industry.

Once the final report and popular article has been approved by the RMRD SA and/or Project Committee, the projects will be submitted by the RMRD SA for industry publications. Firstly it will be submitted to the monthly publication RED MEAT ROOIVLES.  Secondly it will be included in an RMRD SA annual publication ‘Executive summaries’ which include all projects completed in a particular year.

Articles will also be submitted and released for publication electronic or printed to specific commodity organizations (e.g. RPO, NERPO, RMAA, SAMIC) and may be released for publication in popular media of the RMRD SA's choice.