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The Planning Committee for Cattle and Small Stock

The planning committee for Beef and Small stock is appointed by the Planning Committee and consists of subject specialists, industry representative and researchers nominated by universities and research institutions.

This committee moderates and approves the recommendations of different Subject Working Groups (SWGs) and is responsible for the final acceptance, prioritization and allocation of funds to the different projects.

The RMRD SA Cattle and Small Stock (CSS) Planning Committee has the following members:

Dr TM Laas (chairman) SAFLA
Dr A Aucamp Specialist researcher
Mr W de Jager SAMPA
Mr T Herselman Specialist researcher
Prof D Holm  HESA-Natural Science
Prof A Hugo Specialist researcher
Mr K Louw SHALC 
Mr FV Nherera-Chokuda NERPO
Dr F Mare HESA-Marketing and Economics
Dr G Neethling  RMAA
Mr D Olivier        SAFA
Prof PW Prinsloo Specialist researcher
Dr M van Kleef ARC-OVI
Dr P van Rooyen Specialist researcher
Prof MM Scholtz ARC-API
Mr GM Schutte RPO: Small Stock
Dr MN Selepe DAFF: Large stock
Mrs B Tlhabane (observer) RMRDT
Mrs M van der Merwe SANCU - Consumer Specialist
Mr S van Zyl RPO: Large Stock
Prof EC Webb HESA: Animal Production
Vacant DAFF: Small stock
Vacant Federation of SA Meat Trader
Prof HC Schönfeldt Research Manager RMRD SA
Ms HC Goosen Scribe (Secretary RMRD SA)

The management and administration is the responsibility of Prof HC Schönfeldt. She is the RMRD administrator and as such she reports to the RMRD Project Committee.

Updated May18