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Focus Area 1 - Sustainable natural resource utilisation

Research and development should aim to sensibly combine indigenous favourable genes with adapted exotic ones to enable more efficient and competitive livestock, food and fibre production systems, in addition to enhancing the economic stability of rural farmers and communities.

Focus Area 2 - Livestock production with global competitiveness...

Research in this area is focused on the furtherance of animal science and related disciplines through innovative systems research and other investigations with an aim to optimise production from livestock.

Focus Area 3 - Animal health and welfare

Animal welfare can only be assured when there is sufficient knowledge of the behavioural and other requirements of animals and how this is affected by various farming systems and practices

Focus Area 4 - Animal products, quality and value-adding

Research must be responsive to consumer expectations and demands for high quality, safe products that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Focus Area 5 - Red meat safety, nutritional quality and value

Research studies to maximize quality and or value and identify nutritional and medicinal attributes in indigenous and other substances are important.

Focus Area 6 - Consumerism, market development and trade

Research support should assist in targeting or developing sustainable markets for enterprises so as to enable this sector to play its rightful role in the economy.

Focus Area 7 - Commercialisation, technology transfer & training

The major area of focus should be to ensure that the farmers are able to run viable livestock enterprises that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Focus Area 8 - Climate change & sustainable livestock production

The challenge facing Research & Development is to support livestock farmers in developing new and adapted technologies is to farm in such a way to minimise the impact of livestock.

In the emerging and communal livestock category accelerated commercialisation is necessary requiring a mind shift by government and communal structures.

Focus Area 9 - Predation Management

Predation by black-backed jackals (Canis m esomelas) and caracal (Caracal caracal), two medium-sized predator species, occur widely and is believed to be increasing. Losses of sheep and goats are also caused by vagrant domesticated dogs (Canis familiaris), especially near cities and towns. Compared to the losses caused by these three species, predation by leopard (Panthera pardus), brown hyaena (Parahyaena brunnea) and cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) also occur, but in relatively isolated cases and on a smaller scale.


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