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Completed Projects - Executive Summaries

The RMRDT and RMRD SA has funded multiple research projects over the years.

These are the Executive Summaries of the projects completed since 2010. Recent projects and their results are published on this website. Project documents are loaded as it becomes available. Please keep referring to this page to track the progress of your own projects.

Results of multiple research projects have also been published as popular articles in the Red Meat magazine or in other industry magazines, like Landbou weekblad, Farmer's weekly.

Executive summaries for projects 2017

Literature study completed 2017

Executive summaries for projects 2016

Executive summaries for projects 2015

Executive summaries for projects 2014

Literature study completed 2014

Executive summaries for previous years

If you require any additional information on any of the projects mentioned in these lists you are welcome to contact us on coordinates all applications and handles most of the communication for RMRD SA.

Last updated Nov 2017