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Background to pork research

Role players in the pork industry are the SA Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO), SA Meat Processors Association (SAMPA), Pig Breeders Society (PBS), SA Meat Industry Company (SAMIC) and the Pig Veterinary Society (PVS). All these organisations have constitutions and are bodies corporate with full autonomy regarding aspects affecting the industry. In brief, their structure and functions are as follows:

SAPPO consists of five provincial organisations:

  • Transvaal Pork Producers’ Organisation
  • Cape Pork Producers’ Association
  • KwaZulu-Natal Pork Producers’ Organisation
  • Free State Pork Producers’ Organisation
  • Eastern Cape Pork Producers’ Association

SAMPA is a voluntary association of stakeholders in the meat-processing and related industries. It was founded in 1945 as the SA Meat Packers Association, but was later renamed the SA Meat Processors Association, which is more descriptive of the operations of its members. Full membership requires involvement in the meat-processing business in South Africa. Associate membership is available to establishments that have an interest in the industry. SAMPA is registered as a Section 21 company and operates according to the policies determined by its annual general meeting within the parameters of its constitution.

It is financially self-sufficient through voluntary/compulsory contributions. It serves as a mouthpiece for commercial pork producers, irrespective of size, ethnic origin or locality. SAPPO strives to facilitate the efficient and profitable production and orderly marketing of pork to enable producers to obtain the best prices, benefits and stability.

The PBS is a voluntary association for persons engaged in the breeding of pigs in South Africa. The society is affiliated with SA Stud Book and is responsible for the registration of all animals meeting the minimum performance and requirements laid down by the society. The PBS also promotes the breeding and genetic improvement of pigs in South Africa and generally fosters the pig industry’s interests.

SAMIC is registered as a Section 21 company and is managed by a board of directors representing the entire spectrum of the meat industry. SAMIC’s establishment resulted from a need for an umbrella organisation that would ensure the effectiveness and survival of the industry in a deregulated environment. SAMIC operates as a national organisation for the red meat industry and is a service provider, facilitator and communicator for all whom it represents.

The PVS is a voluntary organisation for veterinarians interested in the pig industry and the improvement of performance of pig herds. The society is affiliated with the National South African Veterinary Association.

Updated Dec 2017