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Meat Symposiums

A Technical paper produced in March 1981

The document was compiled by the Animal and Dairy Science Institute, Irene. Printed by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

The cuts in a beef carcass

In this publication the jointing techniques of a beef carcass, as practised in 17 different countries of the world, are illustrated schematically in 40 different diagrams. The variation found within countries is also apparent from the illustrations as well as from a list of regional terms for the United Kingdom.

In the annexures is contained information regarding skeletal anatomy of the ox, average prices of beef carcass cuts for the year 1979/80, tissue composition of the cuts of a typical carcass, as well as lists with the individual muscles arranged in alphabetical and size order. The jointing techniques and multitude of names of the various cuts of the carcass could serve as useful information for the butcher's trade and the consumer and hence help promote marketing communication. On the whole this publication should also be suitable for training purposes at butcher schools, technical institutions as well as universities.

Foreword: JH Hofmeyer, Director Animal and Dairy Science Institute, Irene

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