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Meat Symposiums

The 11th Meat Symposium was held on the 29th and 30th of January 2003

This International Symposium was held at the Idle Winds Conference Centre, Hartbeespoortdam

Consistency and Quality - From Consumer to Production

Consistency in quality is paramount to the future consumer trends of meat consumption, both in the domestic and the international markets. International trade and the development and sustainability of new markets will also depend heavily on consistence in quality, in addition to some other factors such as traceability, consumer friendly packaging and preparation and value for money. As South Africa is increasingly probing to find and exploit niche markets in the global arena, local scientists and stakeholders in meat business should be on the forefront of these developments. This symposium is one event offering such an opportunity where renowned international and local expertise will provide the platform for updated knowledge and discussions on topics related to the general theme.

Foreword by Dr Heinz Meisner

The following papers were presented:

  • Overview of the South African Meat Industry - BOOYSEN, M.
  • Understanding and managing variation in tenderness - KOOHMARAIE, M.
  • Consistency of meat quality in Southern Africa - STRYDOM, P.E.
  • Muscle structures which determine meat tenderness in South African and other beef breeds -TAYLOR, R.
  • Evaluation of meat tenderness of indigenous South African and other breeds - FRYLINCK, L.
  • Carcass fat quality and composition - WEBB, E.C.
  • Retailer and consumer perceptions of chevon and its quality in Zimbabwe and South Africa - SIMELA, L.
  • Nutrition of broiler chickens for optimum meat quality - MALAN, D.
  • Comparison of six crossbred lamb types: Sensory and nutritional characteristics - HOFFMAN, L.C.
  • Pig stunning and slaughter and the effect in quality - WOTTON, S.B.
  • Safety and hazards in animal feed to food chain - SIEBRITS, F.K.
  • Sensory attributes of South African pork as influenced by genotype, sex type and age at slaughter – fresh loin - PIETERSE, E.
  • Fat quality of pork and its significance in meat technology - HUGO, A.
  • Welfare of animal production in intensive and organic systems with special reference to Danish organic pig production - BARTON GARDE, P. 
  • Genetic parameters for carcass traits in the Large White, Landrace and Duroc pig breeds in South Africa - VISSER, D.P.
  • Consumer acceptance – meat quality aspects - DRANSFIELD, E.
  • The role of animal products in human nutrition with the focus on red meat - VAN HEERDEN, S.M.
  • Consumer perception of boar odour - DE KOCK, H.L.
  • Consumers expectations, perceptions and purchasing of South African game meat: Current consumption and marketing trends - CRAFFORD, K.
  • Active packaging for the meat industry - BUYS, E.M.
  • Meat production and consumption trends in Africa - BATTAGLIA, D.
  • Consumer perception of meat quality and implications for product development in the meat sector - GRUNERT
  • Consumer perspective on the use of antibiotics and the incidence of resistance in the environmental organisms in the Central Free State - DE BEER, H.
  • From farm to fork – zoonoses and meat safety - MICHEL, A.L.
  • Species identification in meat and meat products - KOTZE, A.
  • Bacteriological surveillance of abattoirs in Gauteng Province, South Africa from 1999 to present - ORI. P
  • Prevalence of O157:H7 and non-O157 Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in commercial beef processing plants -    KOOHMARAIE, M
  • Meat export requirements from a Namibian perspective - PASKIN, R.D.
  • HACCP and meat safety - VON HOLY, A, 
  • Can South Africa produce game meat according to European Union standards? The Springbok and Impala story - HOFFMAN, L.


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