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The 9th Meat Symposium held 1 September 1997, CSIR Conference Centre, Pretoria

Title: Meat Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
This is a record of the proceedings of the 9th Meat Symposium held on the 1 September 1997 at the CSIR Convention Centre, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, and organised by the Meat Industry Centre of the Irene Animal Production Institute, Irene, Republic of South Africa in conjunction with the South African Association for  Food Science and Technology.

The following papers were delivered at this occasion:

  • The role of the Agricultural Research Council in sustained development – Animal Production and Animal Products - QHOBELA, M.
  • Developments in meat science and technology for sustained development - WARKUP, C.C. 
  • Intact boars for meat production: does it pose a problem to the meat industry? - POTGIETER, C.M. 
  • The role of the calpain proteolytic system on beef tenderness - FRYLINCK, L. 
  • Branding of fresh red meat: A guideline - HEINZE, P.H. 
  • Springbok meat quality - VAN RENSBURG, D.M.J. 
  • Distinguishing types of quality characteristics discriminating between different ageing method, ageing period, animal age or cut groups, according to canonical variates analysis (CVA) procedures - ZONDAGH, I.B. 
  • Shelf-life of chicken meat - DE JESUS, A.E. 
  • HACCP and its impact on processing and handling of fresh red meats - BUYS, E.M.  
  • A meat technology/meat industry update - NAUMANN, H.D. 
  • Further effects of animal age on the alkali process gelatin manufactured from bovine hide - COLE, C.G.B. 
  • Interaction of lactic acid bacteria with muscle enzymes for safety and quality of fermented meat products  -  DEMEYER, D. with BLOM, H. 

Proceedings for the Symposium

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