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The 7th Meat Symposium held October 1992 at the Holiday Inn Pretoria

TITLE: Meat science and technology in service of the Meat Industry

This is a record of the proceedings of the Seventh Meat Symposium held on the 14th October 1992 at the Holiday Inn, Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, and organised by the Meat Industry Centre of the Irene Animal Production Institute, Irene, Republic of South Africa.

This is the first meat symposium presented under the auspices of the ARC, and the newly defined mission of the MIC namely, meat research, technology development and - transfer. It is also noteworthy that this symposium celebrates the first decade of meat symposia - we sincerely hope that we managed to serve the meat industry, according to their needs in the past and that we will be able to better our performance in this regard in future.

The invited papers at this event were:

  • Meat Science and technology in service of the Meat Industry - NORTJé, G.L.
  • Promoting the production and quality of animal and animal products in the ARC NAUDé, R.T.
  • Pseudo-scientific barriers to international meat trade - WILKES, D.L.
  • The application of genotype evaluation in beef cattle - De BRUYN, J.F.
  • Breeder-feeder dimorphism - SCHOLTZ, M.M. 
  • Pork fat composition and meat quality - De JONG, S.M. 
  • Effect of protein source on growth and carcass quality characteristics in feedlot lambs - MEYER, J.H.F. OSLER, I. SWART, D. 
  • The development of a restraining system to accommodate the Jewish method of slaughter (Shechita) - KOORTS, R. 
  • A pilot study on the effects of spray-chilling on carcass mass loss and bacteriology - STRYDOM, P.E. BUYS, E.M. 
  • Meat tenderness a review - CROSLEY, R.I. 
  • Research at the federal Centre of Meat Research, Kulmbach, Germany - HEINZE, P.H. 
  • Centralised bulk pre-packaging of fresh pork retail cuts in various gas atmospheres - BUYS, E.M. KRϋGER, J. NORTJé, G.L. 
  • Foodborne pathogens in the South African meat industry - VOSTER, S,M. 
  • Effect of age and fatness on tenderness of beef cuts cooked according to a dry heat cooking method - SCHöNFELDT, H.C. NAUDé, R.T. VAN HEERDEN, S.M. VAN NIEKERK, J.M. VISSER, R.E. SMIT, M.C. DE KOCK, R BOSHOFF, E. 
  • Sensory analysis in service of the meat industry - ZONDAGH, I.B.
  • The supply of food proteins: resources and technology - SALOMA-OROZCA, A. 
  • Sensory analysis of M. longissimus lumborum from lambs fed either maize of sorghum silage diets - BOSMAN, M.J.C. STEYN, H.S. 
    ZONDAGH, I.B. 
  • The influence of experimental feeding conditions on growth performance of cattle - DE BRUYN, J.F. STRYDOM, P.E.
  • Evaluation of the quality characteristics of Mm. longissimus thoracis et lumborum from South Africa Mutton Merino cross Merino lambs in ten different dietary regimes  - FOURIE, L. ZONDAGH, I.B. ILLSLEY, J.L.L. BOSHOFF, E. 
  • Added value: A novel technique for the restructuring of meat products - GOEDHART, G. ZONDAGH, I.B. ILLSLEY, J.L.L. POTGIETER, C.M.
  • Proximate and non-meat protein analysis of boerewors – a preliminary survey - HUGO, A. ROBERTS, J.J. ERASMUS. A.H. UYS, R.C.B. 
  • Using a computerized data capturing system as a versatile tool for sensory evaluation -  ILLSLEY, J.L.L. DE JONG, S.M. ZONDAGH, I.B. 
  • A comparison of the quality characteristics of goat  and sheep meat - SCHöNFELDT, H.C. NAUDé, R.T. VAN HEERDEN, S.M. SMIT, M.C. SOWDEN, L. BOSHOFF, E. 
  • Survival of Samonella in cooked South African fresh sausage (boerewors) STEYN, M.S. JOOSTE, P.J. 
  • Cooking related and sensory quality characteristics of meat from lambs fed supplementations of either calcium soap or grain sorghum VAN RENSBURG, D.M.J. ZONDAGH, I.B. ILLSLEY, J.L.L. NAUDé, R.T.  
  • The incidence of Listeria in vienna sausages, cervelat and ham in a metropolitan city  (Pretoria) of South African - VOSTER, S.M. GREEBE, R.P. NORTJé, G.L. 
  • Sensory properties and cooking losses of SA Mutton Merino and Dorper wethers on different diets - WEBB, E.C. BOSMAN, M.J.C. CASEY, N.H. 

Proceedings for the Symposium

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