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Meat Symposiums

The 6th Meat Symposium was held on 25 April 1990 at the ARC Irene

TITLE: The meat animal and its' products

We recognise and accept that research on the meat animal and its products must be aimed at improving the industry's ability to satisfy consumer demand. We believe that such a research program starts on the farm with the predetermined genetic potential of the meat producing animal. It then proceeds from conception, through growth and development, management, production systems, nutrition, along pre- and post-slaughtering procedures, through the cold chain of chilling, processing, packaging and displaying right up to the consumers table. 

Our scientists are, therefore, concerned with the interests of the producer, processor or manufacturer and the consumer. In a highly competitive market this close link must be in the mutual interests of those involved in the meat animal trade.

The future of the meat market lies in the improvement of the quality of the end product. Quality cannot be inspected into meat - it has to be built in along the production and processing line.

Neither the time nor the occasion permits a detailed elaboration of the Institute's research on the meat animal and its products. However, research is such a critical element of the meat industry's production, education and promotion efforts that a few comments in passing on the required research may not be amiss.

The following papers were presented:

  • Introduction - The meat animal and its products - HHOFMEYR, J.H. 
  • Meat production and meat quality - CROSS, H.R.
  • The role of nutrition in integrated growth management - SLABBERT, N.
  • Quantitative and qualitative aspects of beef production by some beef cattle breeds in the RSA - DE BRUYN, J.F. NAUDé, R.T. HOFMEYR, J.H. BOK, W. VERMEULEN, J.A. & BASSON, M.C.
  • The application of anabolic growth promotors for sheep under intensive feedlot conditions STRYDOM, P.E. DE BRUYN, J.F.
  • Beef, lamb and mutton carcass classification and grading in South Africa NAUDé, R.T. KLINGBIEL, J.F.G. BRUWER, G.G.
  • The development of a new classification system for pig carcasses BRUWER, G.G. HEINZE, P.H. ZONDAGH, I.B. GEE, A. NAUDé, R.T
  • Electrical stimulation and meat quality - HEINZE, P.H.
  • Wholesale and retail packaging systems in the South African meat industry - SCHOLTZ, E.M.
  • A comparison of the quality characteristics of goat and sheep meat - SCHöNFELDT, H.C. NAUDé, R.T. BOSHOFF, E. VAN HEERDEN, S.M. BOK, W. SMIT, M.C. SOWDEN, L.S. 

Proceedings for the Symposium

download the proceedings Part 1

download the proceedings Part 2