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The 4th Meat Symposium was held on 10 September 1987 at the ARC Irene

TITLE: Processed Meats

Agriculture is primarily concerned with the provision of food and that was the main focus in the past, the producer's efforts up to the farm gate. In recent years the producer has become aware of the fact that the food market has become a growing competitive world where substitutes, synthetic organic products etc. are bound to increase and are likely to replace agricultural products.  

Customers are becoming more aware of the need for better stands of food quality and health, the produce has been force to consider the demand for high quality products.  Factors which influence the maximum retention of taste, visual attractiveness and wholesomeness of meat under local conditions, have become the focus of intensive study by meat scientists.

Efficient and profitable animal production and the marketing of quality products, will become the main issue in the future. This is way research doesn't stop at the farm gate.

This symposium will focus on meat processing. There has been a strong demand for a meeting of its kind. The symposium was benefitted from  the contributions of three overseas experts and a supporting panel of local experts.

The following papers were presented:

  • International trends in meat processing: fresh meat - TAYLOR, A.A.
  • International trends in meat processing: manufactured meat - NAUMANN, H.D.
  • Survey of the processed meat industry of South Africa - ZONDAGH, I.B.
  • South African pig meat production and products - BRAAK, G.H.
  • Survey of pig carcass traits in South Africa - BRUWER, G.G.
  • Research needs and trends: biological – muscle and fat - HEINZE, P.H.
  • Research needs and trends: meat processing - NAUMANN, H.D.
  • Industry needs and trends: processed meat packaging - APPLE, J.M.
  • Consumer needs and trends in South Africa - PIETERSE, F.P.

Proceedings for the Symposium

download the proceedings Part 1

download the proceedings Part 2

download the proceedings Part 3