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Meat Symposiums

The 2nd Meat Symposium was held 22 November 1982 at the Meat Science Centre - Animal and Dairy Science Research Institute, Irene

TITLE: The Vital Role of Science and Technology in the Meat Industry

These were the invited papers:

  • Challenges of the present and future in a changing meat industry - VAN RENSBURG, S.J.J
  • The role of the Animal and Dairy Science Research Institute in the breeding of,   and production of meat from meat producing animals - HOFMEYR, J.H. 
  • Role of the Meat Board in promoting a sound balance between production, marketing and consumption - COETZEE, P.H.                 
  • Science and technology input to date – research, development, extension - NAUDé, R.T.                    
  • Results of a survey of the fresh meat industry - NORTJé, G.L.
  • Recent research results and their implications for the industry - NAUMANN, H.D. 
  • Implications for South Africa of meat marketing in other parts of the world - MAUNDER, F.
  • Potential of applying science and technology to the benefit of the meat industry - NAUMANN, H.D. 
  • Research, development and training needs of the meat industry

Proceedings for the Symposium

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Download the proceedings Part 2

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