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Phase 5: Completion Phase

Final report

A final report is different from the regular annual reports in that the results of the Research must be included. If you have not done so yet, you need to submit a head and shoulders photo of the project leader on the project as well as a few relevant photographs of the research which can be used in publications.

The relevant form can be printed from the Forms and documents section or follow the link at the bottom of the page. A set of guidelines on how to complete the forms is also available.

Popular article

An additional requirement is that the results must be summarised and described in a popular article. The articles will be placed on this website and will be used by the RMRD SA for publication through the red meat industry magazines or in popular media.

Final payment

The last amount due of the funding, i.e. 20% of the approved funding for the final year of the project will be released once all the relevant information has been received by the RMRD SA.

Publications and articles

Once the project is completed the RMRD SA will publish the Final Report, any articles and any other scientific papers produced from the project on website. Intellectual Property will be taken into account and applied. The results of research must be made available for the industry.