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Phase 2: Protocol Phase


When a proprosal has been accepted, the researcher will be notified of their success and will be requested to complete a protocol form. At this stage a project number will be allocated to the project which is to be used in all future correspondence as a unique identifier of the project.

A protocol is a lot more comprehensive than a proposal and the funding has to be detailed on a year by year basis. The aims, objectives, outcomes, the end products, motivation and more all have to be completed at this stage.

The relevant form can be printed from the Forms and documents(hyperlink) section. A set of guidelines on how to complete the forms is also available. Please ensure that you are using the correct form, and that the Protocol is complete and correct. Make sure you submit the form by the deadline so it can be presented to the Planning Committees.


All protocols will follow the same process as the proposals. Projects will be recommended and presented to the RMRD SA Project Committee for approval of funds. Please take note that even at this stage a project may be turned down.

Researchers will be notified of the decisions of the relevant Planning Committee within a week of the meeting.