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Process & Timescales


As from 1 January 2018 a researcher no longer need to submit a Proposal and then a Protocol. 
Researchers are invited to submit a FULL PROPOSAL only (similar in content to the 
document previously called a protocol) to initiate application for funding for a project. 
This step has been taken to speed up the application process!

The RMRD SA planning committees recommends projects for funding to the Project Committee who gives the final go-ahead for funding. The process of approval may take up to 4 months if all runs smoothly. In some cases this may take longer depending on whether changes are requested to the proposal.

All the committees are compiled from representatives of the relevant industries and from researchers nominated representing the recognized research institutions and universities. Subject Working Groups (SWGs) one per Research Focus Area, support the Planning committees in decision making and evaluation all through the lifetime of a project. The SWGs consists of specialists in their own respective field who are best qualified to perform this important task. 

The Planning Committees have developed procedures according to which proposals and protocols for research projects, progress reports, final reports and popular articles for publication are judged. These procedures are continuously updated and improved. The current set of procedures in place and described here is considered efficient and is to be adhered to.

A successful research project will follow FOUR phases, from the Initiation to Completion. Each of the phases has more steps, please click on the links in the side panel for each phase:

  • Phase 1: Application phase
  • Phase 2: Agreement phase
  • Phase 3: Active/Live project
  • Phase 4: Completion phase

ALL THESE PHASES and the whole application process must now be done on RMRDSA ONLINE. To start the process you must click on the RED button on the right hand side of the screen RMRDSAONLINE. You will be guided through the process.

A researcher must submit a FULL PROPOSAL by the deadline which will then be considered at the next Project Committee meeting for funding. The Committees use a carefully drawn up set of criteria to determine which proposals are successful. 

Only your FULL PROPOSAL has been accepted then a contract or Agreement will be drawn up and signed between the RMRD SA and the Research Institution. Thereafter the funds will be released to the Research Institution for payment of research costs as agreed in the Agreement.




The Planning Committees meet at least twice a year. All project protocols, progress reports and final reports are to be submitted for consideration at either of the meetings. Such documents must reach RMRD SA and / or the Project Committee at least 6 weeks before a meeting. Please take note the dates of the meetings will be published on the website.

The documentation will be distributed to the applicable Subject Working Groups for their evaluation. The convenors of the Subject Working Groups return their consolidated inputs to the RMRD SA and / or Project Committee several weeks before a meeting.

Once a protocol has been accepted the RMRD SA Administration will arrange that the Agreement is drawn up between the Research Institute and the RMRDSA, these will be signed as soon as possible. Once all parties have signed and agreed the project money will be paid out to the Research Institute.

The Agreement is a contract and will include the due dates for progress reports and the final report and the project leader will be reminded annually of these due dates.

Planning Committee meetings are normally published on the website. As a general rule these occur in February and September. The Pork meeting is held in August. Please consider these timings in your planning. Below are the meetings dates for 2017. The meeting dates for 2019 are not available as yet. This will be published on the HOME page of the website as soon as these become available.


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