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P7 Elements: Emerging sector



P7 Elements for commercialisation of the emerging sector




1. Capacity development

Knowledge and skills development

Improving soft and hard skills management and technical skills developed

2. Management of natural pasture management

Rangeland condition assessment and rehabilitation (including management of invasive species)

Protection of the environment (in terms of ecosystem, wetlands, and prevention of erosion and pollution) and maintenance of biodiversity

Widespread neglect and degradation of grazing land has been reversed

3. Breed improvement

Genomics and technological application to improve animal performance

Breeding objectives and proper gene flow plans, to secure the commercialisation and utilisation of animal genetic resources

4. Nutrition and supplementation

Supplementation programmes for higher efficiency in different production systems

Production potential of rangelands is optimised by making available adapted, nutritious, and highly productive forage

5. Improving efficiency and effectiveness through technological application in production and market access

Improving access to financial services by increasing access

  • Provision of information: prices and weather, production techniques
  • Enhancing access to markets by strengthening links

between buyers and sellers through mobile trading platforms

Smartphone-enabled services that improve efficiency and effectiveness of livestock operations, while reducing the environmental carbon footprint

Farmers have access to updated information on agricultural practices, weather forecasts and market prices and solutions for reducing production losses

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