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P6 Elements: Market-oriented development


P6 Elements for consumer and market development of the red meat sector




1  Market development and trade, including export

Identifying possible international markets

Review possible export markets accessible to South African red meat producers, including bench-marking

Create the unique selling proposition that SA red meat needs to compete internationally and produce in a cost-effective way, thus optimising profits throughout the value chain

Create a sustainable red meat framework and certification model for international participation – South African red meat standard

The national consumption is slowing down

International markets are currently unexplored and could possibly yield a bigger return stimulating local sales

2. Consumerism and customer behaviour

Developing a survey to understand the mind-set of the South African and international consumer of red meat

The red meat fraternity does not know its consumers well enough to be able to exploit the market

3.  Consumer education and development

Making the nutritional value of red meat known to consumers, using scientific research in an understandable format

The red meat fraternity should open up on issues previously considered taboo in a manner where they can dictate the narrative, rather than trying to explain one another's narrative


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