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Elements: Programme 5

Elements for solutions and technologies that will enhance the production and processing of animal products

P5 Elements for solutions and technologies that will enhance the production and processing of animal products




1.      Quality and value-adding

Consistency of quality

  • Genetic variation in meat quality
  • Improved eating quality
  • The role of low-stress handling and transportation

Increased understanding of the factors that influence the tenderness and taste of red meat, towards consistency of eating quality 

Classification simplified

Applicable technologies are available

Effects of dry ageing of older cattle

Access to consistent information to enable informed consumer choices

Alternative options are required for the consistency of tenderness in older cattle

2.      Product safety, zoonosis and nutritional value

Decontamination and other techniques to improve shelf life

Early detection (reliable and rapid methods),  monitoring and elimination of pathogens

Decontamination and other interventions to improve shelf life is applied or accepted in South Africa

Improve design and production processes in the production and processing of animal products

Major changes in design, slaughter and dissembling techniques to improve meat safety

Relevance of current methods of meat inspection for T. saginata and T. solium

Major changes occurred in production systems and process control to decrease the incidence of measles. However, inspection techniques and interpretation remained and include invasive techniques (e.g. shoulder cuts) which influence product safety

3.      Nutritional value

The composition, quality and bioavailability of nutrients in red meat and red meat products is quantified

Information of nutrient density of red meat and red meat products

Extended dietary guidance to enhance public confidence in animal food supply and to improve the scientific basis for more effective food assistance programmes by making available a comprehensive database to dieticians and nutritionists

4.      Alternative meat products, including 5th quarter (red meat products and by-products)

Improved carcass yield with emphasis on new products

New technologies to convert by-products, e.g. micro-rendering/composting with investigation into safety of products

Useful products from low-value and waste products such as slaughter offal and manure to increase the overall efficiency of utilisation

5.      Antimicrobial resistance

An evaluation of current use pharmacological products in red meat production

Technology transfer in the responsible use of veterinary products

Disease risk management as part of safe meat production

Safe and responsible use of pharmaceutical products is dependent on knowledge of current practices and influence design of monitoring programs and consumer assurances for both local and international clients