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Programme 1 Elements




P1 Elements for sustainable natural resource utilisation




1 Sustainable natural resource management

Competitiveness of the extensive livestock sector

Optimisation of production per unit area (kg meat/ha) of pasture systems

Improved forage management strategies to maximise efficiency in livestock production systems with minimum negative impact on the environment and biodiversity of the habitat

A full understanding of the dynamics of, and interaction between rangeland pastures, climate and livestock

Recognition that livestock production, whether from an ideal rangeland condition or a poor condition is dependent on net fodder production

2 Veld monitoring and management

Veld management strategies to maximize the productivity of veld and to rehabilitate non-productive areas

Management strategies to reduce enteric methane and nitrous oxide emissions and water use

Environmentally sound management of livestock on veld types to maximise economic efficiencies in livestock production, while avoiding negative impacts on the environment

3 Ecosystem sustainability (decision support systems)

Decision support tools to inform the stock farmer in time of environmental risks (e.g. drought and/or floods) and extreme events (e.g. fire)

Enhanced decision-making by farmers to minimise the negative consequences of extreme events

4 Environmental protection

Information and methodologies to maintain ecosystems and wetlands to prevent erosion and pollution

Information and methodology to reclaim eroded and polluted resources

Protection of the environment (in terms of ecosystem, wetlands and prevention of erosion and pollution) and maintenance of biodiversity

5 Restoring the value of grasslands/rangelands

The environmental and economic value of grasslands is restored, while its social and cultural functions are preserved

Increased carbon sequestration in biomass, improved climate change resilience and improved production efficiency

Widespread neglect and degradation of grazing land has been reversed

6 Livestock and forage genetic resources

Knowledge about forage genetic resources

Development of new knowledge and technologies to increase the productive capacity and usefulness of plants as forages

All livestock breeds and strains characterised in terms of scientific principles

Systems and models dealing with breeding plans for small populations of livestock species to counter inbreeding

The production potential of rangelands is optimised by making available adapted, nutritious, and highly productive forages

Breeding objectives and proper gene flow plans, to secure the commercialisation and utilisation of animal genetic resources