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Focus Area 4: Animal products, quality and safety, nutritional value and preference

Livestock production faces increasing competition in the domestic and global marketplace.  

South Africa, with no price support systems, should move beyond only producing greater quantities of livestock commodities cheaply as possible.  Higher quality products and commodities must be converted into useful value-added food and non-food products to target the sophisticated and export market.  Products must also be protected from contamination or loss of quality post-harvest to ensure marketability and consumer acceptance.  Research must also be responsive to consumer demands for high quality, safe products that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Red meat safety problems can cause either human illness or economic losses and threaten the international competitiveness of agricultural products.  Red meat safety and in particular the control of foodborne pathogens and residues, must, therefore, be an important concern in research programmes.  Red meat safety links with quality/value to support food security and healthy diet. Studies to maximise quality/value and identify nutritional and medicinal attributes in indigenous and other substances are also important. 


Focus Area 4A: Animal Products, Quality and Value-adding

A - Quality

B - Value adding

Focus Area 4B:   Red Meat Safety, Nutritional Value, Consumerism and Consumer Behaviour

C - Safety 

D - Nutritional value

E - Consumerism / Consumer behaviour

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Updated June2019