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CSS Research plan

The aim of the Red Meat Industry is to provide sought-after red meat products at affordable prices taking into account the local consumer preferences, international standards and the conservation of the environment. The specific aim of the RMRD SA and its Project Committee is to co-ordinate and fund research projects.

Focus areas for research across the total spectrum of sectors which are involved in the Red Meat Industry have been identified and are prioritised within focus areas and outcomes. Priorities within focus areas may change as the need within the Industry change. See the next two sections in
 this document.

Climate change and the water footprint are cross cutting in nature across subject field specific research. Therefore green text in all focus areas relates to climate change and blue text relates directly to the water footprint.

The Cattle and Small Stock Research Plan has been revised to combine focus areas in order to provide clarity for the applicant researcher. 

Research and development plan for the large stock and small stock meat Industries in South Africa as drawn up by the Red meat research and development (RMRDSA) Planning Committee (R & D) Cattle and Small stock 2016-2018. download here...

This is the business plan for R & D for the large stock (cattle) and small-stock (sheep and goats) meat industries and was originally compiled in 2004, by the Planning Committee (R & D) Cattle & Small-stock. The plan is revised annually and the most recent version should be used as a guide. The content of this document forms the backbone of the information on the website and both are updated in-line on an annual basis.

Last updated 7May18